Clint W. Smith, P. C.

Clint Smith has developed positive working relationships since 1986 with the courts, attorneys and trustees in the Phoenix Bankruptcy Court. This experience and these relationships benefit our clients who file bankruptcy petitions, and creditor clients alike.

Clint W. Smith

“Clint's office staff was very responsive to my concerns and questions and showed that they actually cared on a personal level rather than just another case to handle. Clint was very professional to work with and showed a personal interest in my case while successfully representing me both in and out of court. All of this helped to get through a hard emotional experience.”

- Justin P.

“When my husband died after a long illness, the only way I could find a way out of my financial nightmare was to file bankruptcy. During this very emotional time in my life, I definitely needed a law office that would meet my needs in a caring and kind manner. That is what I found with Clint Smith. He and his staff guided me through the entire procedure, and they helped me to regain my strength and dignity. I will always be grateful for their professionalism.”

- Virginia M.

“Clint Smith knows the law better than anyone I've ever dealt with as far as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Some of the other lawyers I spoke with did not know it near as well, and would have taken me down the wrong path. I was very lucky to find Clint. Since he files so many cases, he has a good working relationship with the Trustees and their lawyers. Clint and Stacey are very caring about their clients and understand the stress a bankruptcy causes to an individual and family. They do their best to make it as painless and easy as possible. I also like the fact they are very accessible. Stacey was great about answering all my questions. No question was ever too small. Overall, I thought Clint was awesome, and I would highly recommend him.”

- Stephen L.

“I want to thank Clint and his staff for helping my wife and I through this difficult time in our lives. Their professionalism and knowledge was much appreciated and needed. It was a pleasure to have them represent us and Clint's staff was very knowledgeable and kind to us always. I will and have referred friends to them.”

- Jayson B.

“The idea of bankruptcy has always seemed to bother my wife and I. We never thought the situation we got ourselves into would result in bankruptcy. However, after taking out a small business loan that we both signed on we found ourselves in a helpless situation that we couldn't ignore. We turned to Clint Smith for help and he along with his helpful staff were able to get all of the questions we had answered. They were very sensitive to our situation, feelings and concerns. They helped us feel like we would be ok. Many people today are facing the same issues our little family was experiencing and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Attorney Smith and his staff to anyone.”

- Ryan C.

“Like many people, coming to terms with having to file a bankruptcy is a very difficult and stressing time in your life. My wife and I first signed up with a large internet bankruptcy firm. Right from the start we felt lost and confused and the service was very unpersonalized. We decided to change representation and were recommended to Clint W. Smith, who was extremely knowledgeable and his staff very helpful and thorough. He provided excellent representation and has been with us every step of the way. My wife and I highly recommend his office and are glad to have had such outstanding legal representation for a matter as important and complicated as a bankruptcy.”

- Ruben and Lisa S.

“I contemplated for several months on whether I should file for bankruptcy, as I had many questions and concerns. A close friend of mine recommended Clint Smith to me. Clint gave me a sense of ease and was knowledgeable throughout the entire bankruptcy process. He was responsive to all my questions and was able to negotiate a fair agreement with the Bankruptcy Trustee. I highly recommend Clint Smith to anyone considering Bankruptcy.”

- Mark A.