We have filed hundreds of bankruptcy cases for individuals and small businesses since 1986, in both liquidation (Chapter 7) and reorganization (Chapter 13) cases. Our office first considers and explores all available alternatives. We have special expertise in tax-related cases, as well as real estate and foreclosure cases.

We offer debt settlement options. The best settlements are reached by paying, in a lump sum, to settle debts. We regularly achieve discounts of 50-70% on settlements, although no results can be guaranteed until we actually review each case.

We aggressively and successfully represent creditors in bankruptcy matters. Mr. Smith has represented several local bankruptcy trustees over the past several years, and is intimately familiar with the way cases are handled in the State of Arizona. Because of Mr. Smith's experience and knowledge as counsel for trustees, creditors and debtors alike, he is familiar with and will efficiently handle all creditor issues.

This office can efficiently help small businesses get started and stay out of trouble. We prepare and file corporations, LLC's, and partnership documents, keep business filings current, and act as a statutory agent. We also prepare and review contracts as needed.

We prepare all types of estate planning documents, including trusts, wills, powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, living wills, LLC's, Limited Partnerships, and LLLP's. Unlike most firms, we also prepare and file all necessary funding documents. (If you don't use your plan, why have it?) We will make sure you have the best plan for your financial situation, with special consideration given to preserving your assets for your loved ones.