Credit Issues after bankruptcy? Mesa Attorney Clint Smith discusses issues with credit

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“I am Clint Smith, Bankruptcy Attorney in Mesa, Arizona.  I don’t only do bankruptcy our job here is to find solutions for people and there finances, and that involves a lot of things.  I’ve talked in previous videos about the fact that we do debt settlements, we help people in that, we can point you in the right direction on doing payment plans; maybe you dont’ need to do anything, there are certain people who are able to walk from there house if they have to and there is no recourse.  There’s lot’s of things that we look at, we want to find the solution for people and one of those solutions involves what to do even after a bankruptcy…”  Find out how in this video about Bankruptcy and Credit Issues.

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  1. The bankruptcy will be ltised on your credit report under the Public Records Section.Your credit report is your history so the items will remain on your credit report for the time allowed per the Fair Credit Reporting Act. However, they will be noted that the debt was Included in bankruptcy with the amount owed shown as 0 because you are no longer legally responsible for it. If after you have the BK discharged and these show any amount owed or that it was not included you need to send in a dispute and have it corrected. But you can not have it removed.It is fairly easy to get credit afterwards. In fact don’t be surprised to receive a ton of credit card and auto loan offers after you file. But these offers will be from Sub-Prime lenders. As a result you will not get the best rates, but high rates and fees. As a safe estimate you can expect an interest rate of about double of what you could get with decent credit. So for example if a person with decent credit could get approved for a car loan at 8% interest rate, that same bank may give you a 16% interest rate after your BK. 0Was this answer helpful?


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