The Number 1 Cause of Bankruptcy

All things considered, credit card debt is the number one cause of bankruptcy. There is a lot of noise in the news about medical bills that cause bankruptcy. I saw an article recently that said sixty percent of bankruptcies include medical debt. That is probably about right. But do they cause bankruptcy? I don’t think […]

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The History of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy relief is a natural outgrowth of a free market economy.  The American system allows people to buy and sell at agreed upon prices, to begin business ventures, which leads to the possibility that some may not succeed.  It also leads to the wide fluctuations in the economy, such as we have experienced recently. As […]

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Stockton City Bankruptcy

Yay! Stockton gets to stay in bankruptcy! By Clint Smith The bankruptcy judge in the Chapter 9 case of Stockton, California ruled that the case may proceed. Why is that news? Because Chapter 9, which applies to municipalities (cities and counties, mostly) is not automatic. Creditors (or other interested parties, like employees unions) can challenge […]

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Bankruptcy Fraud – What is that?

We’ve had another public disclosure of some bankruptcy fraud in the state of Idaho. A woman named Shauna Pennington was found guilty, in Criminal Court and in the Bankruptcy Court, of having provided false financial information and other things. Here’s what happened: In March of 2010 she apparently went to a bank to obtain a […]

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Bankrupt Cities | Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney

Cities Declaring Bankruptcy | Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney It’s time for an update on municipal bankruptcy. As you know, San Bernardino, CA as well as Mammoth Lakes and Stockton filed for bankruptcy protection in recent weeks. Moody’s Investor Service does analysis of various parties to determine whether they are credit worthy. Investors rely on that analysis […]

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In Mesa, AZ, Chapter 13 bankruptcy help is skillfully provided by the professionals at the office of Clint W. Smith, P.C. We know how to guide you through this process with as little stress as possible. We’ll help you to legally reorganize your debt so you can pay what you can while still being able […]

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