Before Filing

Before Filing
Information Required Before Your Bankruptcy Case Is Filed

1. Compete The Bankruptcy Intake Form. Download Here
2. Real Estate Valuation Letter or Copy of Lease Agreement for Real Property.
3. Copies of all pay stubs for the last 6 months.
4. For business owners only: Profit and Loss statement for the last 6 months – broken down month by month.
5. Copies of your 2011 and 2012 federal and state tax returns with W-2s for you and your spouse. Copies of all current wage garnishments, pending lawsuits, and judgments, if any.
6. Copies of the last two years’ tax returns of any corporation or partnership in which you are a partner or shareholder.
7. Date and amount you received of your last tax refunds.
8. Copies of all auto, boat, motor home, mobile home and any other recreational vehicle titles.
9. Proof of current insurance on all autos, boats, motor homes, mobile homes, and recreational vehicles.
10. Proof of current insurance on all real estate (your home owner’s insurance policy).
11. Copies of any divorce decrees, child support orders and property settlements entered by a court during the last 10 years to which you were a party.
12. Copies of the last statements you received from your pension, IRA, 401k, profit sharing plan, or any other retirement/investment accounts.
13. Two monthly statements from each creditor (medical, credit card, etc.).
14. The last six monthly statements from each of your bank accounts.
15. Kelley Blue Book – Private Party Value on all vehicles with or without a lien.
16. Credit Counseling Certificate(s).

Our bankruptcy attorneys also provide the steps to filing bankruptcy as well. You must inform our bankruptcy attorney in Mesa if you expect to receive an income tax refund for the current tax year or any previous year. If so, how much do you expect to receive? If you fail to inform us then the Court may seize your refund and distribute it to your creditors.

Additionally, we suggest you obtain a copy of your credit reports*. You can download a free copy at:

*We do not compare your credit report with the completed listing of creditors. This is for your benefit. Having a complete list of creditors is YOUR responsibility.