Clint W. Smith, P. C.

Clint Smith has developed positive working relationships since 1986 with the courts, attorneys and trustees in the Phoenix Bankruptcy Court. This experience and these relationships benefit our clients who file bankruptcy petitions, and creditor clients alike.

Clint W. Smith

Tax Debt Relief and Bankruptcy Attorney in Gilbert

This Gilbert bankruptcy attorney has special expertise in discharging taxes. Yes, certain taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy! There are specific IRS rules that apply in bankruptcy. Mr. Smith is very familiar with these rules, and has helped thousands of clients discharge tax liabilities in the surrounding areas of Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Chandler, Arizona.

For example, income taxes may be discharged if certain time periods have expired. To determine the timing, our law firm can prepare and file a Power of Attorney with the tax authorities to obtain transcripts that contain all the details, such as precisely when a return was filed, and whether an audit resulted in an assessment, which changes the time periods. We also deal with tax liens, which are often very confusing.

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